Man with COVID-19 Recounts How God ‘Breathed Within Me’

CBN News | 04-01-2020

As the cases of COVID-19 infections and deaths in the world begin to rise, so do the people recovered from the virus, and with the latter, unusual testimonies.

Clay Bentley, an American who is recovering from the virus in his home, is sharing in several international news reports how he could feel God acting in his life, at the most critical point during the fight against viral illness.

Bentley, who was hospitalized for 12 days in a Georgia hospital dealing with the coronavirus, told CBS News that his condition was so severe that even doctors told him they couldn’t do much more.

“They say, you know, we put these antibiotics through their system, and they said, ‘You are in worse shape today than when you entered the hospital,'” Bentley told CBS News correspondent David Begnaud. “It’s 10 times stronger than the flu. When it hits, it hits you like a hammer.”

In another interview, Bentley told Fox News about the miraculous moment he experienced, just as doctors were considering putting him on a respirator.

“I felt like I had a man lying on my chest and I couldn’t breathe,” he explained. “And the weight of this man was crushing me and I couldn’t breathe at all. And then all of a sudden, I felt the breath entering me. It was the Lord on my chest. When he breathed inside me, I felt the power of God hit”.

He described that moment to CBS News like this: “I couldn’t breathe at all, and suddenly, I felt the Lord. I mean, his presence was there, and I felt air blowing into my lungs,” he said.

Bentley is now quarantined at her home and eagerly awaits full recovery to see her relatives again.

“If the test works, if the coronavirus in my system is dead, then he said, you will be immune to it,” Bentley said hopefully to Fox News. “You can go back to the world and be with your family. So that should happen in the next two weeks. “

Meanwhile, Bentley’s wife was released from the quarantine of her own home. She was never tested but has not developed the virus. She lives downstairs while Clay stays in her room, picking up the meals that are left for her at the door.

“I cannot be with my family,” Bentley told Fox News. “I’m still locked in my room here at home, but you know that at least I have the luxury of being home.”

Bentley believes he contracted COVID-19 after singing in the choir of the Freedom Square Church in Cartersville, GA. Other members of the church have also been hospitalized. One of them, Elizabeth Wells, 65, died on Wednesday. She also sang in the choir.

“I have been crying for her,” Bentley told Fox News. “I think she was standing next to me. We had choir practice on Wednesday night and she was standing next to me. It breaks my heart to know that other people in the church are sick and that there is nothing I can do. I stayed awake nights praying for them. I am still praying for those who are still in the hospital. I just pray they get the same relief as me. “

As of this Tuesday, 3,539 deaths and 179,446 infections have been registered so far, of which more than a third have occurred in the state of New York, according to the latest data from NBC News.

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