South Korean megachurch reopens with temperature checking and barcode scanning

Cara Bentley | PremierChristian.News  | Tue 28 Apr 2020

Large churches in South Korea have started reopening after the Government relaxed restrictions for places of religious worship. 

However, it is not business as usual as members of one church are having their temperature checked before they come inside and will be sent home if it is above 37.5 degrees centigrade. 

The country has been effective at tracking down and isolating those who have the virus and claims to have had 244 deaths, in comparison to the UK’s over 24,000. 

Onnuri English Ministry Church in Seoul wrote on Facebook: “Praise the Lord! We are happy to announce that starting April 26, Onnuri Church campuses will be open to existing members for worship!

“While we are thankful to be able to gather in person for worship, we will still be operating under strict safety procedures in order to ensure a safe environment for everyone until further notice as the COVID-19 threat is not over.”

They are not allowing newcomers onto church premises and are using a barcode system on entry, with attendees having to register online for a specific service beforehand. They are then assigned a seat and guided by an usher. 

They have reduced their seating capacity by 60 per cent from their usual limit of about 3,000 people and everyone must wear a mask. 

Photos pre-coronavirus

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